“Video call with families” of National Defence University soldiers



“Video call with families” of National Defence University soldiers

Conscripts at the National Defence University named after the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan-Elbasy, within the framework of the Otbasymen beinekonyrau project service, communicate weekly with close relatives by telephone and video communication.

The soldiers get in touch with their parents 4 times a week (2 times on working days, 2 times on weekends) and regularly use the subscriber station deployed via the Internet.

In the course of military service, while fulfilling the orders of commanders and superiors and during the process of training and combat readiness of units, regular access via video communication with parents plays an important role in the moral and psychological state of each soldier.

In addition, the soldiers’ parents express their boundless gratitude for the opportunity to use telephone and internet communications; they can see their sons, their moral and psychological state, and their way of life through video conversations. They are proud of their sons, the worthy defenders of their motherland, who, being thousands of kilometers away from home, serve their motherland and fulfill their military duty within the walls of the National Defence University.

Link to a video with access to a video call with parents: https://www.youtube.com/watch