Scientific research journal "Vestnik"

The scientific and educational journal Vestnik is published by The national defense University. Certificate of registration No. 13177-Z, issued by the Ministry of culture and information of the Republic of Kazakhstan on November 21, 2012. ISSN 2308-1112. Periodicity of publication 1 time per quarter.


Mukhamedzhanova S. sh., doctor of science, Professor-scientific Secretary of the National defense University.


Ryspaev A. N., Doctor of Philosophy(PhD), Associate Professor, Reserve Major General - Deputy Editor-in-Chief.

Executive Secretary Burnaev Z.R., Ph.D., Professor – Deputy Head of the Institute of the National Defense University, Colonel.


  • Nurakov S. N., Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor – Professor of the Eurasian National Defense University.
  • Gruzin V. V., Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor - Senior researcher of Armament and Military Equipment of the National Defense University.
  • Nagumanova Zh. M., Ph.D., Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) – a leading researcher of military history and pedagogy of the National Defense University, Colonel. Zheksenbinov B. N., Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Associate Professor - Professor of the Department of Social Disciplines and Pedagogy of the National Defense University, Colonel of the reserve. Chernyagin D. P., Master's degree, is a leading researcher of weapons and military equipment at the National Defense University, Colonel.
  • Kalganbaeva A. S., Master's degree, - Head of the courses of social disciplines of the National Defense University - senior lecturer, Lieutenant Colonel.
  • Azizzoda H. D., - Head of the Military Institute of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Tajikistan.


  1. articles are published in Kazakh, Russian, and English in journals. The manuscript of a scientific article should not exceed 5 pages including tables (figures) in A4 format. The article is submitted to the editorial Board (Secretary) in electronic and printed form (Office 2000, Word, Times New Roman, 14 pt) in one copy.
  2. Typeface of the text in Russian - Times New Roman, size – 14, single interval. For the text in the state language, the font is Times New Roman KZ, size – 14, single spacing. The title of the scientific article is made out in capital letters in the center of the sheet as required by GOST 7.5-98. Above the title of the article on the left side is the UDC index (universal decimal classification) above the title of the article information about the author: initials, last name, academic degree, name of the organization. Then comes the abstract, keywords, and text of the article. After the text of the article, the list of references is made, then the summary is made in 3 languages (Russian, Kazakh and English).
  3. attached to the manuscript of the scientific article:
    • expert opinion on the basis of which the publication of the material in the open press is allowed;
    • review of the article (except for those who have the degree of candidate, doctor of science and doctor of Ph. D.);
    • extract from the minutes of the meeting of the Department of the University, certified by the stamp and recommending this article for publication.
  4. when writing a manuscript of a scientific article, you must adhere to the following requirements:
    • references to sources of information in the manuscript are given in the text in square brackets as mentioned, in accordance with the requirements of GOST 7.32-2001, for example [1];
    • illustrations (graphs, diagrams, diagrams) are made in the form of drawings, which should be referenced in the text of the scientific article. The name should be placed directly above the drawing, aligned with the center of the sheet, in accordance with the requirements of GOST 7.32-2001;
    • tables are drawn up in accordance with the requirements of GOST 7.32-2001.
  5. Articles whose design does not meet the specified requirements are not accepted for publication.

The author (s) is responsible for the content of the scientific article. The editorial Board reserves the right to publish or reject the manuscript for publication. Manuscripts received by the editor are not returned. We invite everyone to cooperate and publish their scientific articles in the magazines "Bagdar"and " Vestnik".

Materials should be sent: - to the postal address: index 010000, Astana city, 72 Turan Avenue