Implemented training programs

The University, in accordance with the license for the right to conduct educational activities, provides training at 10 faculties and 27 departments in 9 specialties and 21 specializations of the master’s degree and three doctorates, fully meets the needs of the armed forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan in specialists of operational-tactical and operational-strategic management links. In addition, nuo implements additional professional education programs.


Training of specialists in the master’s program is carried out in the following specialties:
1. Strategic management in military Affairs.
2. Management in military Affairs.
3. Engineering systems and networks in the military.
4. Radio electronics and engineering in the military.
5. Cybersecurity and information security systems.
6. Management in the field of state protection.
7. Logistics in military Affairs.
8. Social and ideological work in the military team.

The master’s degree program consists of:
1) theoretical training, including the study of disciplines;
2) practical training of undergraduates: various types of practices, scientific or professional internships;
3) research work that includes the implementation of a master’s thesis – for a scientific and pedagogical master’s degree, or experimental research work that includes the implementation of a master’s project – for a specialized master’s degree;
4) final certification.

Doctoral study

Training of specialists in doctoral studies is carried out in the following specialties:
1. Military art.
2. Military history.
3. Weapons and military equipment.
The educational program for the preparation of the doctor of philosophy (PhD) has a scientific and pedagogical orientation and involves fundamental educational, methodological and research training and in-depth study of disciplines in the relevant areas of science for the system of higher and postgraduate education and the scientific sphere.
The scientific component of the educational program of doctoral studies is formed from the research or experimental research work of a doctoral student, scientific publications, writing and defending a doctoral dissertation.