Implemented training programs

According to the State license no. KZ44LAA00011243, issued on December 10, 2014, the national defense University named After the first President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Elbasy has the right to engage in educational activities for the implementation of educational programs of postgraduate education for master’s and doctoral degrees.


Training in the master’s program is carried out in 5 specialties:

Management in military Affairs
Logistics in military Affairs
Social and ideological work in the military team
Analytical work in military Affairs
Strategic management in military Affairs

Educational programs of the master’s degree program of the National defense University named After the first President of Kazakhstan – Elbasy are implemented in scientific-pedagogical and profile areas, provide in-depth professional and scientific-pedagogical training.

The specialized master’s program implements educational programs for training management personnel, scientific and pedagogical master’s program-management, scientific and pedagogical personnel.

Training in the master’s program of the National defense University named after the first President of Kazakhstan – Elbasy involves active research work, participation in scientific projects of the University under the leadership of leading experts in the priority areas of development of the Armed Forces of Kazakhstan and military science.

For undergraduates of National University of defense named after the First President of Kazakhstan – Elbasy annual lecture by a foreign Professor, scientists of leading universities of Kazakhstan, the Ministry of defence.

Doctoral study

Doctoral studies are carried out in 5 specialties:

Educational programs of doctoral studies are implemented in the scientific and pedagogical direction and provide in-depth specialized professional training that allows graduates to subsequently successfully engage in scientific, pedagogical, managerial and expert activities.

The purpose of postgraduate education in doctoral studies is to prepare highly qualified personnel with high moral qualities, capable of independent thinking, management and ensuring the defense and national security of the country.

The basics of training programs at the national defense University named After the first President of Kazakhstan – Elbasy are aimed at training military specialists:

able to make effective decisions and optimally implement them for an adequate response to modern challenges and threats to the security of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
having deep knowledge and state thinking, possessing a technique of carrying out the analysis of military-political, military-strategic and operational situations, forecasting of their development;
those who know foreign languages and military science.
who know the methodology of scientific research;
able to correctly formulate scientific problems and tasks;
who know modern technologies for solving scientific problems;
capable of self-development and self-improvement.

Due to the extensive international relations of the University, undergraduates and doctoral students have the opportunity to travel for training and internships in foreign universities and research centers.