Implemented training programs

Education at the university is carried out at 10 faculties and 27 departments in 9 specialties (22 qualifications) of the master’s degree and 3 specialties of the doctoral program.

Educational programs implemented in NUO


1. Management in military affairs:

  • Management of operational and tactical formations and units of motorized rifle (tank) and amphibious assault troops;
  • Operational and tactical management of formations and parts of the RVIA;
  • EW organization;
  • Organization of the RER;
  • Combat control;
  • Operational and tactical management of engineering troops;
  • Management of mobilization training;
  • Operational and tactical management of air defense units;
  • Operational and tactical management of Air Force units.

2. Management in the National Guard:

  • Operational and tactical NG management;
  • Department of Operational and Tactical Civil Defense;
  • NG Technical Support Management;
  • Organization of educational and ideological work of NG.

3. Logistics in military affairs:

  • Technical support management;
  • Logistics management.

4. Social and ideological work in the military team:

  • Organization of educational, ideological work.

5. Cybersecurity and information security systems in the military:

  • Management of cybersecurity and information protection systems.

6. Radiation, chemical and biological protection and ecology in military affairs:

  • Operational and tactical management of radiation, chemical and biological protection of troops.

7. Strategic management in military affairs:

  • Management of the operational – strategic (strategic) level.

8. Management in the field of state protection:

  • Organization of protection and defense of objects.


Doctoral study

1. Military art:

  • Military art by types of Armed Forces, branches of the Armed Forces and special forces (including management and all types of operation support) is an operational art.

2. Military history:

  • Military history, the history of military art.

3. Weapons and military equipment:

  • Weapons and military equipment.