Language Department

Department Chief, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Iseev Ruslan Rafaelevich

Established on August 1st, 2014.

The Language Department is involved in the implementation of the postgraduate and additional education training programs.

At the level of postgraduate education, the department delivers educational programs in language disciplines (English, Kazakh, and German) for all students pursuing master’s and doctoral studies within the framework of the university component of the cycle of basic disciplines.

At the level of additional education, in order to meet the educational needs of servicemen in the development of language skills, the department annually organizes intensive language courses. Two iterations of the English language course lasting five months each are held to prepare students for follow-on training abroad and to fulfil tasks within the framework of the Republic of Kazakhstan’s international obligations, including UN peacekeeping missions. The course of Russian language for foreign servicemen of nine months duration is carried out with the purpose of preparing students for postgraduate programmes.

With the initiative and organisational assistance of the department, for the first time in the history of the Armed Forces of independent Kazakhstan and within the framework of bilateral cooperation:

  • from 2019, at the request of the defence officials of one of the partner countries, Russian language course for foreign servicemen is offered;
  • from 2020, 67 training slots have been allocated on professional development courses (including Cambridge TKT Modules 1, 2, 3, TKT CLIL, and Pre-CELTA) for English language instructors;
  • from 2021 onwards, instructors from the Republic of India have been teaching English at the University as part of academic mobility;
  • in 2023, it is planned to complete the joint project of English textbook with Peacekeeping English Project and International House with an enhanced interdisciplinary component;
  • in 2024, a project to equip language classrooms with interactive touch panels, a modern alternative to interactive whiteboards, is planned to be completed.

The unit has been led by:

2014-2016 – Civilian Maira Sh. Abilmazhinova;

2016-2017 – Colonel Manel M. Shapiev;

2018-2019 – Colonel Ruslan B. Zhakupov.