Department of Social Disciplines and Pedagogy of the Faculty of Military Humanities

Head of the Department of Social Disciplines and Pedagogy of the Faculty of Military Humanities , Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Associate Professor


Saurbaev Timur Karatayevich

The Department of Social Disciplines and Pedagogy is one of the main structural divisions of the University. The teaching staff of the department conducts scientific and pedagogical activities.

The department was established on September 1, 2002. Officers were trained in the specialties “Management of educational and socio-legal processes”, “Military education”. Since 2016, in the specialty “Social and ideological work in a military team”: qualification “Organization of educational and ideological work”; qualification “Organization of psychological work”.

As a result of organizational and staff activities, the name of the department was changed: humanities; educational, ideological work and Pedagogy, and since 2016 – the Department of Social Disciplines and Pedagogy.
The educational process is organized according to the credit technology of training in 20 academic disciplines.

The department graduates undergraduates in the profile and scientific and pedagogical direction. All teachers of the department have an academic degree or a master’s degree.

The department trains undergraduates of the operational and tactical management level in the specialty – 7M12104 “Social and ideological work in a military team” — qualification “Organization of educational, ideological work”.

Activities of the department:

  1. Organization and implementation of the educational process at a high scientific and methodological level.
  2. Participation in the comprehensive and harmonious development of the personality of the trainees, the formation of their military-professional qualities.
  3. Performing scientific research and work on the profile of the department aimed at the development of military theory and practice, improving the combat capability and combat readiness of troops.
  4. Improving the level of professional qualifications of officers nominated for higher positions.
  5. Advanced training of the teaching staff of the department.
  6. Development and improvement of the educational and material-technical base.

Academic disciplines:
— educational and ideological work in the military;
— moral and psychological support of military operations;
— military psychology;
— informational and psychological struggle;
— civil-military relations;
— theory of professional communication;
— geopolitics;
— pedagogical culture of the officer;
— pedagogy of the Higher military school (PhD);
— leadership and military ethics;
— moral and psychological preparation of personnel for combat operations (for other specialties);
— methodology of dissertation research.