Head of the Department of digital technologies and information systems security


Kel'menbetov Arman Mingasovich

In accordance with the order of the Minister of defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated January 26, 2019 No. 1/14/1/02 “On carrying out organizational and staff activities in the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan”, the faculty of digital technologies and information system security was established.

The faculty includes:

– Department of the faculty;

– Department of information security;

– Department of simulation and information systems.

The staff of the faculty is 100 %:

By state – 14

According to the list – 14

Degree of the faculty – 7 %

candidates of science – 1

The office of faculty:

  • Head of Department – Colonel A. M. Kel’menbetov
  • Deputy head of the faculty – Colonel Baymukhanov Kaskyr Akylbekovich, candidate of technical Sciences (PhD), associate Professor.

The main tasks of the faculty are to organize and conduct at a high scientific and methodological level:

– the educational process with students;

– training of officers in the specialty “Management in military Affairs” on the qualifications “management of cybersecurity systems and information protection” and ” Combat management»;

– participation in the comprehensive and harmonious development of the students ‘ personality, the formation of their military professional qualities;

– performing research and work on the profile of the Department, aimed at developing military theory and practice, improving the combat capability and combat readiness of troops;

– raising the level of professional qualification of officers nominated for higher positions;

– professional development of teaching staff;

– development and improvement of educational and material-technical base.