Department of Air force of the faculty of air defense And security of information systems

Head of the Department of Air force of the faculty of air defense And security of information systems


Beketov Bauyrzhan Shakirovich

The Department of «Air Force» was established in 2020 as a structural subdivision of the National Defense University named after the first President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Elbasy in Nur-Sultan, in accordance with the order of the Minister of Defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated June 12, 2020 No. 1/14/1/12 for the purpose of training and training undergraduates of the operational-tactical (tactical) management of units of the Air Force, specialty 7M 12101 «Management in military affairs» (according to the educational program «Operational-tactical management of units of the Air Force»).

The department carries out the study and generalization, and implementation in the educational process:

– experience in managing units of the Air Force during the preparation and conduct of operations (combat operations) in military and armed conflicts, as well as in the practice of operational (combat) mobilization training of troops and headquarters;

– the main directions of the development of the Air Force, organizational forms and management methods, taking into account the development of means, forms and methods of conducting modern armed struggle, new scientific achievements, prospects for the development and application of new technical means of management;

– modern methodological approaches in the training of military specialists who are able to creatively apply the theoretical provisions of the management of units of the Air Force in a combat situation and the daily activities of troops who are able to properly organize and conduct classes in the system of operational (combat) mobilization training with the personnel of the Air Force units of the Air Defense Forces of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Undergraduates are trained in the specialty:

7M 12101 «Management in military affairs» (according to the educational program «Management of operational and tactical units of the Air Force»), the duration of training is 1.5 years, the form of training is full-time.

Training with the use of distance learning technology in the specialty is not carried out by the department.

The main tasks of the department:

  1. Organization and conduct of educational and methodological work at a high theoretical, methodological and scientific level in order to train highly qualified Air Force specialists with the necessary knowledge, skills, skills corresponding to the qualification characteristics of officer personnel in the field of Air Force units management.
  2. Participation in the comprehensive and harmonious development of the personality of the trainees, in the formation of their military-professional qualities.
  3. Carrying out scientific research aimed at the development of military theory, improving the combat capability and combat readiness of Air Force units.
  4. Professional development of the teaching staff of the department and the level of scientific settlement.
  5. Development and improvement of the educational and material-technical base of the department.
  6. Preparation and publication of educational, methodical and scientific materials to ensure the educational activities of the department.