Department of Military Art of the Faculty "Academy of the General Staff of the Armed Forces"

Head of the Department of Military Art of the Faculty of the Academy of the General Staff of the Armed Forces


Yelamanov Yerlan Nagmetullayevich

The Department of Military and Public Administration trains military personnel of operational-strategic (strategic) management units of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan, other troops and military formations in the specialty “Strategic management in military affairs”, as well as training courses for advanced training of civil servants in the general system of ensuring national, military security of the state.

Activities of the department:
– Ensuring the quality of educational services provided in accordance with the requirements of state mandatory education standards;
– Training of scientific and pedagogical personnel;
– Organization and conduct of the educational process;
– Organization and conduct of scientific and educational work;
– Scientific management of master’s theses, projects of undergraduates and doctoral students;
– Development of draft curricula, structural and logical schemes for the profile and basic disciplines of the department.

Academic disciplines:
— Military and State administration;
— Command and control of troops (c);
— Military political science and geopolitics;
— Legislation in the field of defense and security of the state;
— Professional communication and scientific activity;
— Strategic management;
— International military law.