National Guard Faculty of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Head of the Faculty of the National Guard of the Republic of Kazakhstan


Imirov Saverdin Karlovich

The main goal of the faculty is to train highly qualified military personnel of operational and tactical level for the National Guard of the Republic of Kazakhstan.Departments of the Faculty:
— Department of Operational Art and Tactics of the National Guard;
— Department of Service and Combat Activities of the National Guard.

The main tasks of the Faculty:
— training of qualified personnel of operational and tactical level in the specialty “Management in the National Guard” 5 qualifications:
“Operational and tactical Management of the National Guard”;
“Department of Operational and tactical Civil Defense”;
“Organization of educational and ideological work of the National Guard”;
“Management of technical support of the National Guard”;
“Logistics management of the National Guard”.
— organization and control over the conduct of educational, methodological, scientific and educational work at the faculty;
— organization and maintenance of combat readiness of the faculty;
— organization of scientific and methodological support of the educational process, training of scientific, pedagogical and scientific personnel;
— organization and implementation of control over the state of military, labor discipline and internal order, the development of the educational and material base of the faculty.

The main functions of the faculty:
— planning and organization in accordance with the working curricula of the educational activities of undergraduates at the faculty;
— monitoring the progress and attendance of undergraduates;
— formation of study groups, preparation of draft orders for enrollment in the first year and transfer from course to course;
— participation in the preparation of the schedule of classes, the schedule of exams and tests, monitoring their quality and progress;
— organization and control of the development of curricula and teaching materials in accordance with the requirements of state educational standards;
— planning, organization and continuous improvement of the research work of the departments of the faculty;
— planning and organization of research work of undergraduates of the faculty;
— organization, accounting and control of the implementation of individual work plans of undergraduates of the faculty;
— maintenance of documentation and preparation of accounting data of the faculty on educational, scientific, methodological issues, as well as documentation necessary for certification of specialties of the faculty;