Department of command and control

Head of the Department of army management and service of combined arms staffs candidate of military Sciences


Pankov Sergey Vladimirovich

The Department of “command and control” was established in 2002 since the relocation of the VA armed forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Shchuchinsk, according to the order of the Minister of defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan №1 \ 14\1\1 of August 26, 2014 the Department of “command and control” was renamed to the Department of ” command and control:

“Military and administrative administration»
“Logistics management»
“The management of technical support»;
“Management of educational and social-legal processes»;
«Military education».
Purpose, specialization of the Department:

The main purpose of the Department of army management and service combined arms headquarters is the study and synthesis, and implementation in the educational process:

experience in the management of troops in the preparation and during operations (combat operations) in world, local wars and armed conflicts, as well as in the practice of operational and tactical training and combat training of troops and staffs;
directions of improvement and development of systems, organizational forms and methods of management taking into account development of means, forms and ways of conducting modern armed struggle, new achievements of science and prospects of development and application of new technical means of management.
preparation of military specialists who can creatively apply the theoretical principles of command and control in a combat situation and daily activities of troops, how to organize and conduct classes for operational – tactical and combat training with personnel of the Armed forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
The main tasks of the Department:
Organization and carrying out at a high theoretical, methodological and scientific level of training and methodical work for the purpose of training officers for the Armed Forces, other troops and military formations of the Republic of Kazakhstan and other CIS countries.
Implementation of scientific research aimed at the development of military theory, improving combat capability and combat readiness of troops.
Preparation and publication of educational, teaching and scientific materials for the provision of educational activities.
Participation in the development together with the educational Department of the University and departments of curricula, working curricula, structural and logical schemes of training and schedules of training sessions.
The following disciplines are studied at the Department:
command and control and General staff service;
management of daily activities of troops.