Faculty of Comprehensive Support

Head of the Faculty of Comprehensive Support


Lesov Gani Sabitkhanovich

The Faculty is an educational, scientific, and administrative structural unit of the university that provides training in several related specialties as well as supervises the research activities of the departments related to the specialties of the Faculty.


The mission of the faculty is to train highly qualified military personnel capable of applying the acquired knowledge and skills to solve the problems of comprehensive support of the troops, meeting the state and special requirements, and possessing sufficient competencies, the level of which should ensure the needs of the Armed Forces, other troops, and military formations in specialists.

The main tasks are:

1) implementation of educational, methodological, and scientific work in the areas of specialist training at a high professional level that meets modern trends and requirements of military personnel training;

2) satisfying the needs of the military organization of the state in qualified, competent specialists with postgraduate education and scientific-pedagogical personnel of higher qualification on the profile of the faculty;

3) active participation in training and retraining of personnel at advanced training courses;

4) trials and introduction of modern technologies, methods, and techniques of education, including credit, distance, information, and communication, which promote the quick adaptation of professional education to the changing needs of the Armed Forces, other troops, and military formations;

5) continuous improvement of the educational process based on integration of the University’s scientific potential, effective management system, and introduction of innovative educational programs containing new, qualitatively improved technologies, methods, and forms of education;

6) organization and conduct of scientific research on the directions of training and the problems of professional education;

7) study and use of domestic and international experience in military personnel training.


Structure of the Faculty

The faculty consists of the faculty administration and departments:

  1. Department of reconnaissance
  2. Department of RER and REW
  3. Department of Engineering and NBC troops and environmental security
  4. Department of Communications and Information Security
  5. Department of Technical Support
  6. Department of Logistics
  7. Department of Military Training and Education
  8. Department of Military Medicine


The Faculty implements educational programs for postgraduate education in master’s and doctoral studies in the following specialties and qualifications:

Doctoral studies, PhD:

  1. Arms and military equipment.
  2. Military training and education
  3. Information and communication technologies in military affairs

Master’s degrees:

  1. Management in Military Affairs
  2. Logistics in Military Affairs
  3. Social and ideological work in military environment
  4. Cyber- and information security systems in military affairs
  5. Radiological, chemical, and biological defence of troops
  6. International Military Co-operation and Security
  7. Economics and Finance in Military Affairs
  8. Military medicine
  9. Military pharmacy


  1. Operational and tactical management of intelligence units
  2. Organization of electronic warfare
  3. Organization of radio-electronic reconnaissance
  4. Operational and tactical management of engineering troops
  5. Technical support management
  6. Logistics management
  7. Organization of educational and ideological work
  8. Management of cyber- and information security systems
  9. Operational and tactical management of radiological, chemical, and biological defence of troops
  10. International Affairs.
  11. Economic and financial activities
  12. Management in health.
  13. Medical prevention affairs.
  14. Pharmacy