Department of operational art and tactics of the combined arms faculty

Head of the Department of operational art and tactics of the combined arms faculty


The Department of operational art and tactics is one of the main educational and scientific divisions of the University for training specialists in the specialty “7M 12101-Management in military Affairs”, specialization: “Operational and tactical management of formations and units of motorized rifle (tank) and amphibious assault troops”.
Main tasks of the Department:

1. Organization and conduct of training at a high methodological and scientific level in order to train officers for the Armed Forces, other troops and military formations of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the CSTO countries;

2. Participation in the comprehensive and harmonious development of the personality of trained officers, the formation of their military professional qualities as combined-arms commanders with professional knowledge, skills and abilities of modern combined-arms combat;

3. Performing research on the profile of the Department, aimed at the development of military theory, improving the combat capability and combat readiness of troops;

4. Training of faculty;

5. Development and improvement of educational and material-technical base;

6. Preparation and publication of educational, methodological and scientific materials to ensure the educational activities of the Department.

Educational discipline:

– “Fundamentals of operational art and tactics”.