Troops Daily Efforts Management Department was established on the basis of the combined arms faculty named after B. Mommyshuly of the National Defense University named after the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Elbasy June 30, 2022 according to the order of the Minister of Defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


The goals of the department are:

  1. to train officers on the organization and planning of combat readiness measures; combat training, training of command personnel and military command and control structures; troops and anti-sabotage security services; life and health saving measures of servicemen; financial and economic activities; the procedure for support, storage and maintenance of weapons and military equipment; conducting clerical work and doing some other activities related to the troops daily efforts manager.
  2. to conduct fundamental and applied scientific research according to the job profile of the department.
  3. to train, professional development and advanced training of officers.


Aims of the department are:

  1. Organization of theoretical and practical training of specialists owning professional knowledge, skills and abilities in accordance with the State Educational Standard of Postgraduate Education.
  2. Organization of scientific research and training of scientific and pedagogical staff through the master’s program, advanced training of the teaching staff.
  3. Organization and supporting educational process with the necessary documentation, materials and teaching aids.
  4. Realization of the department’s activities according to the annual plans, covering educational, teaching and methodological, scientific-research, morale training and other types of work.
  5. Involvement of graduate students in the scientific research and innovations.
  6. Implementation of scientific research results into the training process.

Department’s functions are:

  1. Realization of its work according to the department’s work schedule including educational, educational and methodological, scientific, morale training and other types of work.
  2. Using the results of scientific research achieved by the scientists of the University in educational process.
  3. Conducting educational and methodological support for the academic disciplines of the department: the development of curricular and teaching materials, textbooks, training aids, materials, guidelines and also some materials for formative and summative assessment and progress check of all forms of training.
  4. Arranging and conducting all types of training sessions according to the training curriculum of disciplines of the department and supporting the quality of conducting them.
  5. Development and usage of modern educational technologies and forms of training increasing students’ achievement of training material.
  6. Arranging and advising of students in the development of master’s projects.
  7. Conducting scientific research, the field and subject matter of which corresponds to the job profile of the department and are challenging in the further development of theoretical and practical issues of disciplines.
  8. Discussion and review of thesis, research work according to the profile job of the department and preparation of conclusions.
  9. Specialist’s molding capable carrying out professional work, receiving and accomplishing the decisions independently and skillfully.

Taught subjects are:

1) Troops daily efforts management.

2) Fundamentals of combat training.

3) Fundamentals of control agency training.