Department of Management of daily activities of troops of the Faculty of Land Forces

Head of the Department of Management of daily activities of troops of the Faculty of Land Forces


Zelenkov Valery Viktorovich

The Department of Management of daily activities of troops was established on the basis of the Combined Arms Faculty named after B.Momyshuly of the National Defense University of the Republic of Kazakhstan on June 30, 2022 on the basis of the order of the Minister of Defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Purpose of the department

  1. Training of officers on the organization and planning of combat readiness measures; combat training, training of command personnel and military administration bodies; service of troops and anti-sabotage security; preservation of life and health of military personnel; financial and economic activities; the order of maintenance, storage and maintenance of weapons and military equipment; conducting office records and performing other activities related to organization of the daily life of the troops.
  2. The conduct of fundamental and applied scientific research on the profile of the department.
  3. Training, retraining and advanced training of officers.

Tasks of the department

  1. Organization of theoretical and practical training of specialists with professional knowledge, skills, and skills in accordance with the State Standard of Postgraduate education.
  2. Organization of scientific research and training of scientific and pedagogical personnel through a master’s degree, advanced training of the teaching staff.
  3. Organization and provision of the educational process with the necessary documentation, materials, teaching aids.
  4. The implementation of the activities of the department in accordance with annual plans covering educational, methodical, research, educational and other types of work.
  5. The involvement of undergraduates in the implementation of scientific research and innovation activities.
  6. The introduction of the results of scientific research into the educational process.

Functions of the department

  1. The implementation of its activities in accordance with the work plan of the department, covering educational, methodical, scientific, educational and other types of work.
  2. The use of the results of scientific research obtained by University scientists in the educational process.
  3. The implementation of educational and methodological support of the academic disciplines of the department: the development of curricula and educational and methodological complexes of disciplines, textbooks, manuals, materials, methodological recommendations for the study of disciplines, as well as materials of current, boundary and final control of knowledge in all forms of education.
  4. Organization and conduct of all types of training sessions in accordance with the working curriculum for the disciplines of the department, ensuring the quality of their conduct.
  5. The development and use of modern educational technologies and forms of education that increase the assimilation of educational material by students.
  6.  Organization and management of undergraduates in the development of master’s projects.
  7. The conduct of scientific research, the direction and subject of which correspond to the profile of the department and are promising in terms of further development of theoretical and practical issues of the studied disciplines.
  8. Discussion and review of dissertations, research papers on the profile of the department and preparation of conclusions on them.
  9.  Formation of a specialist who is able to independently and competently carry out professional activities, make and implement decisions.

Subjects taught
1) “Management of the daily activities of the troops.”
2) “Fundamentals of combat training”.
3) “Fundamentals of management training”.