Doctoral program

Head of the doctoral program

doctor of Philosophy (PhD), associate professor (docent) colonel

Kaisarbek Yesbergenov

Doctoral program – postgraduate education, the educational programs of which are aimed at training personnel for scientific, pedagogical and (or) professional activities, with the award of a Doctor of Philosophy.

The purpose of doctoral educational programs is to train scientific, scientific and pedagogical personnel for the field of military security and defense, who have in-depth professional training in accordance with state educational standards of education.

The main tasks of doctoral studies are:

creation of an effective training system for scientific, scientific and pedagogical personnel in educational and scientific institutions of the Armed Forces, other troops and military formations of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the basis of integration of education and science;

implementation of educational, methodological and scientific work in areas and specialties of doctoral studies at a high professional level that meets modern trends and requirements for training military personnel;

creation of necessary conditions for obtaining high-quality education aimed at formation of a professional-competent person, a competitive-capable specialist capable of independently and creatively solving professional problems, perceiving new scientific ideas and being a conductor of the latest technologies.

Functions of Doctoral program:

analyze the state of scientific, educational, methodological and educational work in doctoral studies and develop proposals to increase their effectiveness;

assist in the development and provision of methodological assistance in the implementation of an individual plan of work of a doctoral student, scientific publications of doctoral students, including participation in scientific and practical (theoretical) conferences;

organize the preparation and implementation of the program of pedagogical and research practice of doctoral students, internships in specialties, coordination of research activities of doctoral students and monitoring of its implementation;

summarize and take measures to disseminate the most effective experience of scientific consulting and organization of writing a doctoral dissertation, introduce innovative learning technologies based on modern achievements in the field of higher and postgraduate education, participate in the development and publication of educational and methodological materials.