Department of logistics management

Head of the Department of logistics management


Iskakov Serikzhan Tursynbaevich

“Department of technical support” was established in 2002, on the basis of previously existing departments of “technical and logistics support” for the purpose of training technical support officers of operational and tactical level with higher military education. In 2014, during the change of the OSS, the nuo was disbanded. In 2019, it was re-formed as part of the faculty of MTO troops.


  1. Conducting classes in the disciplines of the Department for the specialty of the profile master’s degree:
    “7M12102-logistics in military Affairs” (qualification “logistics management”);.
  2.  Training of scientific and pedagogical personnel in doctoral studies in the specialty: “8D12103-Weapons and military equipment”, full-time and distance learning with the award of the degree of doctor of philosophy (PhD);
  3.  Conduct lessons on disciplines “of the Department of logistics”, faculty of troops MTO for other master’s degree programs;
  4.  Conducting classes in the disciplines of the “Department of organization of MTO” on the courses of professional development of officers of MTO specialists.
  5.  Organization and conduct of classes for the purpose of training officers for the Armed Forces, other troops and military formations of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the CSTO countries.
  6.  Performing research on the profile of the Department, aimed at the development of military theory of weapons and military equipment.
  7.  Professional development of teaching staff and technical support specialists.
  8.  Development and improvement of educational and material-technical base.
  9.  Preparation and publication of educational, teaching and scientific materials to ensure the activities of the Department.