Department of Civil Protection

Head of the Department of Civil Protection, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD),


Kuanyshbayev Murat Sapargalievich

In accordance with the Order of the Minister of Defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated October 2, 2022, the Department of Civil Protection was established at the National Defense University.

The department is a structural subdivision of the University and trains officers for the state civil protection system of the operational and tactical level in the specialty “Civil Protection Management”, qualification: “Operational and tactical Civil Protection Management”.

The main purpose of the department is to train qualified personnel with leadership qualities, theoretical knowledge on the basics of management and application, military units of civil defense, units of the State Civil Protection System in emergency situations.

The main tasks of the department:

  1. Organization and conduct of the educational process in the core disciplines, which are the basis for the formation of professional and theoretical competencies of undergraduates.
  2. Preparation and publication of textbooks, teaching materials and scientific materials for conducting classes, as well as conducting current, intermediate and final control of the level of assimilation of knowledge among students.
  3. Conducting scientific research to improve the theoretical foundations of the organization, planning and management of Civil protection activities.
  4. Study, generalization and implementation of best practices in the educational process of protecting the population and territories from natural and man-made emergencies and civil defense.
  5. Development of scientifically-based recommendations to the authorized body on improving the regulatory framework of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of civil protection.
  6. Formation and development of students’ high patriotic feelings, leadership qualities, psychological readiness for professional activity and the application of theoretical knowledge in practice.
  7. Scientific management of master’s projects and consulting of doctoral students on research works.

Academic disciplines:

  1. Organization and conduct of emergency rescue operations.
  2. Organization and maintenance of civil protection.
  3. Engineering protection in emergency situations.
  4. Management of civil protection measures.
  5. Organization of communication and notification.
  6. Radiation, chemical and biological protection in emergency situations.
  7. Provision of emergency rescue operations.
  8. A complex task of civil protection.