Faculty of State Guard Service

Head of the faculty of State Security Service of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Doctor of philosophy (PhD)


Kemalov Berik Kairovich

The Faculty of State Security Service was established in 2017 as a part of National defence university in order to implement the instructions of the head of state regarding creation of an interagency educational institution for training personnel for all law enforcement agencies under the postgraduate education program.

The faculty is an educational scientific administrative structural unit of NDU provides training in relevant specialties as well as manages research activities in its departments and laboratories. There are two departments at the faculty which provide training for personnel. Training in two specialties: “Management in the field of state guard” and “Operational and technical activities in the field of state guard”.  The main purpose of the faculty is to train highly qualified personnel possessing necessary competencies for the Service and able to apply knowledge and skills to solve the tasks of state protection, ensuring the safety of protected persons.


The priority tasks of the faculty are:

– implementation of educational methodological and scientific activities that meet modern trends and requirements of military personnel training;

– satisfaction of the state’s need for qualified competent specialists with postgraduate education and for highly qualified scientific and pedagogical personnel;

– approbation and implementation of modern technologies, methods and teaching technics including credit and distance learning to the changing needs of the State Security Service;

– continuous improvement of the educational process and effective management system as well as implementation of innovative educational programs containing new qualitatively improved technologies, methods and forms of education;

– organization and conduct of scientific research in the faculty’s field and on the problems of vocational education;

– study and application of domestic and international experience in training personnel for law enforcement agencies;

– creation of the necessary conditions for obtaining a quality education;

– development of creative, spiritual and physical abilities of the individual as well as formation of solid foundations of morality and a healthy lifestyle;

– development of educational literature and teaching materials aimed at improving the quality of training of specialists.