Department of air defense Forces faculty of air defense Forces and information systems security

Head of the Department of air defense Forces of the faculty of air defense Forces and information systems security


Kulataev Sapar Alpysbaevich

The Department of Air Defence Troops was formed at the Faculty of Air Defence Forces and Information Systems Security as per the order of the Minister of Defence of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated June 12, 2020 ref. No. 1/14/1/12«On carrying out organizational and staff activities in the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan».

The Department of Air DefenceTroops trains master’s students of the operational-tactical (tactical) management level in the specialty «7M12101 – Managementin military affairs» according to the qualifications of «Operational-tactical Management of Air Defence units», «Operational-tactical Management of Military Air Defence Units» and «Combat Management».

The main tasks of the department:

  1. Organization and conduct of educational and methodological work at a high theoretical, methodological and scientific level in order to train highly qualified specialists with knowledge, abilities, skills and professional qualities of officer cadres for the Armed Forces in the field of Air Defence units of the Air Defence Forces and Ground Forces in modern combined arms combat and operations, as well as operational management specialists.
  2. Carrying out scientific research aimed at the development of military theory in the field of combat use of Air Defence Troops, increasing their combat capability and combat readiness.
  3. Preparation and release of educational publications (textbooks, teaching aids, educational and methodological compendiums of disciplines), educational and methodological and scientific materials.