Command and staff faculty

Head of the command and staff faculty


Omargaliev Kazhybek Bekturovich

Command and staff faculty established in 2016 as a structural unit of National defense University named after the First President of Kazakhstan – Leader of Nation in Kazakhstan, according to the order of the Minister of defence of the Republic of Kazakhstan, with the aim of training graduate and doctoral students in one or more related specialties in close integration with other departments of the University.
Structure of the command and staff faculty of nuo:
The office of faculty:
head of the faculty;
Deputy head of the faculty (for academic and scientific work);
a senior officer of the Department.
Department of faculty:
Department of operational and tactical training;
Department of army management and service of combined arms staffs.
Department of missile troops and artillery.
Department of air defense forces.
Department of logistics.
Department of physical training and sports.
Training groups of the 1st, 2nd year in the specialty ” Management in military Affairs.
The main tasks of the command and staff faculty are:
The organization and carrying out at high theoretical, methodical and scientific level of educational and methodical work for the purpose of preparation of highly qualified officers in the field of management of connections and parts in modern combined arms fight and operation.
Coordination of educational and educational work with the departments of the University, providing training for undergraduates in the established specialties for the faculty.
Implementation of scientific research aimed at the development of military theory, improving combat capability and combat readiness of troops.
Management of educational work, maintenance of high military discipline, internal order and organization at the faculty.
The main functions of the faculty are:
planning and organization in accordance with the working curricula of educational activities of undergraduates at the faculty.
monitoring the progress and attendance of undergraduates.
formation of training groups, preparation of draft orders for enrollment in the first year and transfer from course to course.
participation in drawing up of the schedule of occupations, the schedule of examinations and tests, control of their quality and a course of performance.
organization and control of the development of curricula and educational-methodical complexes in accordance with the requirements of state educational standards.
planning, organization and continuous improvement of research work of departments of the faculty.
planning and organization of research work of undergraduates of the faculty.
organization, accounting and control of individual work plans of undergraduates of the faculty.
participation in the selection Committee of the University.
maintenance of documentation and preparation of reporting data of faculty on educational, scientific, methodical questions, and also the documentation necessary for certification of specialties of faculty.
conducting activities and taking measures to ensure the safety of life and health of undergraduates and faculty during training sessions.