Department of Information Security

Head of Information Security Department


Kozhakhmetov Kainarbek Baltabaevich

The Information Security Department was introduced into the state of NUO by order of the Minister of Defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 1/14/1/017 of 06/08/2017 in the light of the implementation of the Information Security Concept of the Republic of Kazakhstan, was staffed by specialists with appropriate education and training.

In September 2017, the first recruitment of undergraduates to the department in the amount of 8 people was made.

In August 2018, a master’s program using distance educational technologies was opened at the department and the first set of undergraduates with the National Security Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the amount of 3 people was made.

According to the qualification requirements of the customer of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan, represented by the Main Directorate for the Protection of State Secrets of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the purpose of the department is to prepare a graduate in the specialty of Management in military affairs with the qualification “Management of Cybersecurity and Information Security Systems”, designed to fill management and administrative posts of state defense units secrets and information security (cyber units) in the operational strategic com, operational and territorial and operational-tactical AF RK government.

A graduate in accordance with basic and specialized training can perform the following functions at the objects of professional activity:

prediction of cyberattacks (computer attacks), their assessment and classification for threats to the military security of the state and information (cyber) security of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
planning, designing and creating a cybersecurity system at the objects of information and communication infrastructure in everyday activities, as well as in the preparation and during the conduct of hostilities;
operation of the cybersecurity system at a level that ensures the protection of information resources of governing bodies;
continuous improvement of the elements of the cybersecurity system in order to maintain its relevance to modern challenges and threats;
the creation, operation and improvement of an information protection system at information and communication infrastructure facilities in everyday activities, as well as in the preparation and during the conduct of hostilities;
planning and organizing work to ensure the secrecy regime, identify channels of information leakage, conduct measures to comprehensively counteract technical intelligence, prevent the disclosure of special importance, top secret and secret information, and also achieve secrecy in the activities of troops;
the organization of measures to ensure the security of communications, covert command and control of troops (forces), ensure the security of the use of classified communications and identification equipment;
conducting research and military research on cybersecurity and protecting state secrets.

In April 2019, according to the organizational staffing activities, the department became part of the faculty of digital technologies and the security of information systems of NGOs.

Since 2019, the selection of undergraduates is awakened in the specialty 7M12104 Cybersecurity and information security systems in military affairs “Management of cybersecurity and information protection systems” in the amount of 8 people.

All teachers of the department have specialized basic and postgraduate education (Krasnodar Higher Military School, A. Budyonny Military Academy of Communications, National Defense University).

The department teaches 8 disciplines:

Information Confrontation
Building a secure information infrastructure of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Organization and management of integrated information security
Cybersecurity management
Cyber ​​security audit of military information systems
Cryptographic methods of information security
Organization for the Protection of State Secrets
Organization of covert troop control

The classrooms of the department are equipped with office equipment in sufficient quantities.

An information security research laboratory was created on the basis of the NUO for carrying out practical work with the graduate students of the department on the use of software and hardware and software for information protection (firewall, intrusion detection and prevention system, information leakage prevention system, information security event management system, etc.