University Championship in “Bars Fest”



University Championship in “Bars Fest”

In accordance with the plan of the main sports events of the National Defence University, on 24th March 2023, the Republic of Kazakhstan held a championship on “Bars Fest”. These competitions are fundamentally a new direction of athletic gymnastics’ competitions, aimed to attract a wider number of servicemen and their families to active sports, and commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

The competition was attended by 12 teams, 36 people in three weight categories (up to 80 kg, up to 90 kg and over 90 kg). The winners and champions in these competitions was declared as follows:

In the category up to 80 kg: I place – Major Ilesbaev N. (FTiTO); II place – Captain Sharipov R.A. (FIPC); III place – Major Kupeev A.K. (FNG).

In the category up to 90 kg: I place – Major Mekeev E.M. (FTiTO); II place – Major Chakenov B.T. (FSP); III place – Sergeant 3rd class Bushmakin A. (FIPC).

In the category over 90 kg: I place – Lieutenant Colonel Zhubanganov D.A (FSGO); II place – Lieutenant Colonel Aubakirov B.K. (FNG); III place – Major Kulbaev B.M (FTiTO).

Team score:

I place – FTITO;

II place – FNG;

III place – FIPK.

These competitions have already aroused interest among military personnel and their families, and the next stage is to hold these competitions at the level of the Armed Forces.