New Year’s miracle for children



New Year’s miracle for children

New Year is the kindest, the most fabulous holiday expected in every home, in each family. This is the time when everyone, especially children, believe in miracles and magic.

On the eve of this long-awaited bright holiday, the staff of the National Defence University named after the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Elbasy planned and held New Year’s events for the families of the military personnel and employees. The congratulations covered more than a hundred children of different ages and categories from fifty families: children from large families, special children, children from single-parent families, as well as gifted children.

Festive New Year greetings were initiated by the head of the university, Major General Alchekenov Lut Sapuovich

In the residential campus of the university, on a beautifully decorated square, with a smartly decorated Christmas tree and a figure of the symbol of the year (a rabbit), Lut Sapuovich congratulated gifted children who, with their achievements at the republican and international levels, raised the authority and prestige of the National Defence University. Grandfather Frost and the Snow Maiden delighted the children with gifts.

Also, the head of the university, together with Father Frost and the Snow Maiden, visited and congratulated with Happy New Year to the families of the undergraduate, Lieutenant Colonel Mambetov Zh.R and the university employee Alshimbayeva G.A.

The New Year’s greetings didn’t end there. The baton was continued by the deputy heads of the university, heads of faculties and other structural divisions. Together with Ded Moroz and Snegurochka, they congratulated the children in the residential campus of the university. In addition, a centralized trip to the city was organized to congratulate children with health problems.

A great joy, a New Year’s miracle for the kids was the arrival of Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden with gifts and congratulations at their home. They all tried to recite the verse and get a gift. Their joy and enthusiastic emotions cannot be described in words!

The holiday was a great success!