Faculty of Military-Humanitarian Sciences

Head of the faculty of military Sciences and Humanities


Ilyasov Begim-Murat Nurlanovich

The Military Humanities Faculty was created at the National University of Defence named after the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Elbasy by the order of the Minister of Defence of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated July 4 2016 No. 1/14/1 “On restructuring in the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan”.
The Military Humanities Faculty includes:

  • Faculty management;
  • Department of Social Disciplines and Pedagogy;
  • Department of Military History and Law;
  • Language Department.
    Faculty management:
  • Head of the Faculty – Begim-Murat ILYASOV, Col, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor;
  • Deputy Head of the Faculty – Sergali ALIMKULOV, Col, Ph.D;
  • Senior Officer of the Faculty – Bota KORABAEVA, Maj.
    The postgraduate degree holder rate at the Military Humanities Faculty makes 87% (20 people), of which there are:
  • Doctor of Science – 2;
  • Candidate of science – 2;
  • Ph.D. – 5;
  • Master’s degree – 11.
    The main tasks of the Faculty are:
  • training of cadre for educational structures in the specialty – 7M12104 “Social and ideological work in a military collective” on the qualification “Organization of educational and ideological work”;
  • positioning the faculty as an educational and methodological centre in the training of specialists of educational structures and scientific personnel, using advanced methods and technologies in teaching;
  • organization and conduct at a high scientific and methodological level of the educational process with postgraduate students;
  • participation in the comprehensive and harmonious development of trainee personality, the formation of their military-professional qualities;
  • conducting research in the field of ideological and educational work, law and military history;
  • professional development of the teaching staff;
  • development and improvement of the educational, material and technical base.