Faculty «Institute of Advanced Training»

The Head of «Advanced Training Institute» Faculty


Utebayev Bosstan Ismagulovich

The main objective of the Faculty is stipulated by the dynamic development of integration process in defense field, necessity for advanced training in defense capacity safe support, further improvement of military building and implementation of image-building policy in the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the basis of new international standards of training in military art development and its implementation.

 Faculty Departments:
– Basic Military Disciplines Department;
– Foreign Military Personnel Training Department.

 The basic mission of the Faculty:

  • organization and conduct of advanced training courses for military personnel of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan, other troops and military formations, government agencies, NDU instructors and other higher and secondary military educational institutions, based on modern achievements of military and pedagogical science, the implementation of methods of enhancing cognitive activity, technical means and intensive training technologies;
  • implementation of the tasks facing the faculty in the field of education, scientific and personnel policy
  • organization and providing of high-quality implementation of training programs by the specialty;
  • formation of a favorable microclimate at the faculty, stimulating innovative activity and the growth of creative initiative, personal and professional self-realization of employees and learners;
  • faculty’s self-assessment quality, its specialists and the quality of education, ensuring continuous improvement of the development of the faculty and improving the quality.

The main functions of the faculty:

  • planning and organization of educational and methodological activities of the faculty, forming of training courses for advanced training;
  • development of curricula, course programs and educational and methodical complexes in accordance with the requirements of state educational standards;
  • preparation of draft orders on the organization and providing of language and advanced training courses;
  • monitoring the progress and attendance of the learners;
  • scheduling of course preparation, monitoring the quality and progress;
  • analysis of learners’ academic performance, academic work and methodological activities of faculty teaching staff during the reporting period;
  • preparation of documents, orders for the faculty on behalf of the higher management;
  • organization and providing of scientific, (research), innovation activities of the faculty departments;
  • participation in scientific-methodical and scientific-practical conferences;
  • organization of the departments’ activities that are part of the faculty;
  • organization and providing the process of education at the faculty;
  • conducting events and taking steps to ensure the safety of life and health of learners and teaching staff during training sessions.