Department of Physical Training and Sports of the Combined Arms Faculty

Head of the Department of Physical Training and Sports of the Combined Arms Faculty


Rasul Kenzhebayevich Meirmanov

The Department of Physical Training and Sports trains military personnel, operational-strategic (strategic), operational-tactical (tactical) management of the armed forces, other troops and military formations, as well as representatives of the CSTO in order to ensure the required level of physical readiness of military personnel for military professional activities in accordance with the combat mission.

Activities of the department:

  1. Organization and conduct of training sessions at a high theoretical and methodological level aimed at the development of professionally important psychophysical qualities, the formation and improvement of military-applied motor skills;
  2. Performing scientific research in the field of theory and organization of physical training of troops, improving combat capability and maintaining combat readiness of personnel by means of physical training, informatization of the management of the process of physical improvement of military personnel;
  3. Preparation and release of educational publications (textbooks, teaching aids, educational and methodological complexes of the discipline), educational and methodological and scientific materials to ensure educational activities;
  4. Refereeing of military sports competitions and training of national teams in military-applied and game sports.

Sections of academic disciplines:

— accelerated movement and athletics;

— gymnastics and athletic training;

— sports and outdoor games;

— ski training;

— hand-to-hand combat;

— swimming.