Department of Military History and Law of the Faculty of Military Humanities

Head of the Department of Military History and Law of the Faculty of Military Humanities, Doctor of Law, Professor


Yeshchanov Almaz Shukirovich

The Department of Military History and Law trains doctoral students in the specialty of doctoral studies: “8D12102 Military History”, since 2023 in the specialty of the magistracy “7M12105 Jurisprudence in military affairs” (distance learning).

Activities of the department:

  1. Organization and conduct of educational and methodological work at a high theoretical, methodological and scientific level in order to train highly qualified specialists with knowledge, skills, skills and professional qualities of officers for the Armed Forces in the field of military history and law;
  2. Carrying out scientific research aimed at the development of military history and law;
  3. Preparation and release of educational publications (textbooks, teaching aids, educational and methodological complexes of disciplines), educational and methodological and scientific materials to ensure educational activities;
  4.  Participation in the development of curricula, working curricula, structural and logical schemes of training specialists and schedules of training sessions together with the educational and methodological department and departments of the University.

Academic disciplines:

Doctoral studies

  1. Theory and methodology of military science.
  2. The history of the construction of the Armed Forces.
  3. History of the state and military administration of Kazakhstan.
  4. Military history of Kazakhstan.
  5. The history of local wars of the XX-XXI centuries.
  6. Domestic history.
  7. Historiography of the history of Kazakhstan.
  8. Theoretical source studies.


  1. Theory and methodology of military science (for the Faculty “Academy of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan”).
  2. The history of military art.
  3. Legal support of troops.
  4. International humanitarian law.
  5. Legal support of national security.
  6. Actual problems of military legislation.
  7. Actual problems of crime prevention.
  8. Anti-corruption.
  9. Methods of teaching core disciplines.