Department of training of foreign military personnel of the faculty "Institute of Advanced Training"

Head of the Department of Training of Foreign military Personnel of the Faculty "Institute of Advanced Training", Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

retired colonel

Lukmanov Robert Nikolaevich

The Department of Training of Foreign military Personnel of the faculty “Institute of Advanced Training” provides training for foreign military personnel, specializing in “Management in military Affairs” (at the operational-tactical and operational-strategic levels) and conducting intensive courses in Russian as a foreign language.

Activities of the department:
1) organization and conduct of all types of training sessions in the disciplines of the department;
2) professional development and retraining of the teaching staff of military educational institutions of the Ministry of Defense, other troops and military formations of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
3) teaching Russian as a foreign language to representatives of the army of foreign countries at the level corresponding to the customer’s requirements;
4) performance of research works on the profile of the department;
5) organization of scientific and methodological support and improvement of forms and methods of teaching students;

Academic disciplines:
— Theory of professional communication;
— Modern pedagogical technologies;
— Management in education;
— Pedagogy of the higher military school;
— Sociology of military administration;
— Military sociology and psychology;
— Russian for foreign military personnel.