First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Elbasy N. A. Nazarbayev

President of the Republic of Kazakhstan-
Supreme commander of the armed forces K. K. Tokayev


Congratulations from the Minister of Defense on the beginning of the academic year



Congratulations from the Minister of Defense on the beginning of the academic year

Dear generals and officers, cadets and alumni, teaching staff of military universities!

I am sincerely glad to contact you on the eve of the next academic year!
The President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev pays great attention to the development of the national education system.
At the August conference “BіlіmjáneǴylym!”, held in 2019, the President noted that “Our goal is to improve the quality of human capital, this requires reforms in the field of education.”
In addition, in May this year, at the third meeting of the National Council of Public Trust, the Head of State noted that education is the most important branch of the economy.
The global pandemic has made adjustments in all areas of our life, including education.
Under the conditions of quarantine measures, it was the education sector that turned out to be the most vulnerable, which required a significant adjustment in the vector of education development at the state level.
This could not but affect the system of military education, which must also keep up with the times and transform not only taking into account the constant development process of military art, weapons and military equipment in the modern world, but also general trends in the country’s education.
The new conditions became the basis for the Ministry of Defense to take immediate measures to prevent disruption of the educational process, to maintain the high quality of education of military specialists.
In May of this year, the defense department carried out work on the export of military personnel trained abroad.
The threat to the health and life of trainees demanded adjustments in approaches to the learning process in compliance with social distancing and quarantine measures.
In the context of a pandemic, the number of trained military specialists in chemical and bacteriological protection, engineering, and medical specialists has increased, including in military universities of the Russian Federation.
This year, the military educational institutions of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan accepted about 2000 people for training, including more than 700 pupils of the Republican schools “Zhas Ulan”.
A great role is given to the preparation of a military-trained reserve, the training of which is carried out in 35 departments at civilian higher educational institutions.
In the light of the requirements of the Military Doctrine of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the system of training military personnel should be flexible and effective, meet the needs and tasks of the modern military organization of the state. It should be linked to the long-term tasks of military organizational development, as well as foreseeing the nature of military conflicts of the new generation.
Over the years of the formation of the system of military education and science, a network of military educational institutions with a highly qualified teaching staff, a modern educational material and technical base has been created in the country, fundamental normative legal acts have been developed that regulate the educational process and the organization of military science.
In conclusion, I would like to wish you creative success in achieving your goals in the study of military affairs and the development of military education for the benefit of strengthening the military security of the state and the prosperity of our Motherland – the Republic of Kazakhstan!